On your first visit, Dr. Kurth uses an advanced diagnostic tool called the Insight 7000 Subluxation Station™ to examine insight7000your spine and measure the amount of electricity or tension in the muscles along your spine.  The results of this examination help to determine the source of your pain as well as any other symptoms. This sensitive technology can also locate potential problem areas if you are currently symptom-free. Using the data gathered from this examination, Dr. Kurth will present you with an individualized plan for chiropractic care.

Assessment of your condition does not end here, however. Your condition is checked on each visit to ensure you are receiving the most appropriate care every time you are adjusted. Before delivering care, Dr. Kurth observes your posture, compares the length of your legs, examines your spine by lightly touching your back to identify the positions of your vertebrae, and alters his corrective techniques accordingly.

Dr. Kurth will also recommend regular screenings with the Subluxation Station. After 12-15 visits, you will be tested again to help measure the effectiveness of the corrective techniques used for your condition. The results help to chart the progress of your chiropractic care.


Why is the nervous system so important?

Only 10% of your nervous system feels pain; the other 90% controls the function of every muscle, gland and organ in your body. Which also means it controls your ability to move, heal and fight the effects of aging. We want to keep you feeling good ... and doing well!


Print out from sample scans by the Insight 7000

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Before treatment, the thermal scan shows mild (green), moderate (blue) and severe (red) disturbances to the nervous system After treatment, only mild and moderate disturbances remain



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"Because I am tall, my back endures undue strain and stress.  I feel that I am constantly bending to the level of shorter people.  I have experienced muscle spasms in my lower back and the debilitating pain that accompanies such spasms.  Chiropractic care from Dr. Kurth has enabled me to remain pain free, healthy and active for years."  

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